"A very good app for young entrepreneurs!"

Nashrah, young change-maker from Pakistan

For teenagers all around the world

By taking part in the Enterprise Adventure you'll be joining a global community of young change-makers!

10 exciting missions

The Enterprise Adventure consists of 10 missions that will help you to identify the problems your community is facing and guide you to set up a business that solves those problems!

Develop your superpowers

Superpowers are the abilities which you have and that you use every day: at home, in school, with your friends and family. And one day they’ll be very useful in work!

Through the 10 missions of the Enterprise Adventure you will discover what your strongest superpowers are, develop them even further and of course discover new ones too!

Help your community

In the Enterprise Adventure you won’t just be planning any kind of business, you’ll be setting up what we call a ‘Social Enterprise’. That's a business that not only makes a profit but also changes the world for the better!

Win prizes

Complete as many missions as you can by 13th December 2020 to be eligible for prizes.

Complete all 10 Missions for the chance to win the biggest prizes!

Want to see what the Enterprise Adventure app looks like?

Take a tour by watching the video below!