The Enterprise Adventure is a great way to learn about business whilst having fun!

Free and open for any teenager in any country around the world

Why take part in the Enterprise Adventure?

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10 exciting missions

Develop your superpowers

Help your community

Win prizes

"The app was very inviting and easy to navigate. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Naomi, young change-maker from Nigeria

What is the Enterprise Adventure all about?

The Enterprise Adventure is a mobile app aimed at teenagers around the world who want to learn about business and have a positive impact on their local community.

Once you've registered in the app, you'll take part in 10 real-world missions that will:

  • Help you identify the problems your community is facing

  • Guide you to plan a business that solves those problems!

On this incredible journey you'll get to carry out practical tasks, test your skills and learn lots of exciting new things.

You’ll be guided every step of the way by pictures, short videos and articles.

Of course, there are prizes available for the best entries.

And if you ever get stuck, don’t worry - we’ll be here to help you!

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